Image BIM collaboration tool allows teams to work on the same model at the same time

Image Dell has produced an exceptional machine that offers the power of a mobile workstation and the flexibility of a Wacom pen-powered tablet. The cherry on the top is that it’s also incredibly thin

Image Lenovo is late to the game with its premium, ultra-thin 15-inch mobile workstation, but it has been worth the wait, since the ThinkPad P1 delivers an impressive blend of portability and performance for users of 3D CAD and BIM software,

Image Competition is aimed at entrepreneurs and startups that seek to innovate in the construction industry

Image New solution, based on Autodesk’s BIM 360 and GroupBC’s Enterprise CDE, will provide single version of truth for critical assets

Image In the first of a two part article on ISO 19650, Rebecca De Cicco explores the realities of applying the new International BIM standard across the globe

Image Mariusz Gorczyca, R&D structural engineer at Kingspan, wonders if we are ready for the level of digital ingenuity promised by AI and neural networks

Image Aarsleff Ground Engineering to use VR room to help develop proposals and enhance knowledge and skills

Image bimstore 4.0 aims to break down silos between specifiers and manufacturers, encourage collaboration and drive culture change in the built environment

Image New company intends to deliver an end-to-end solution to the global construction industry

Image Cloud-based solver runs on up to 16GPUs and promises an ‘unparalleled combination of accuracy and speed’

Image New Tekla Bridge Creator extension covers the complete bridge design workflow

Image New visualisation tool said to bring artist-friendly controls and affordable photorealism to C4D community

Image LASIMM project machine said to pave the way for 3D printing parts and structures for construction

Image Revit and Civil 3D tools focus on areas of functionality that prove cumbersome or time consuming for users

Image Updated tools designed to cater to the needs of the architecture, engineering, construction, and building owner community

Image Symmetry from DVERSE works with SketchUp, with support for IFC and Revit files to follow later

Image Cloud service uses IFC files to create optimised models, complete with BIM data, for real time viz, VR and AR applications

Image Nvidia RTX-based technology can deliver real-time, photorealistic 3D content directly in a web browser

Image AMD’s new high-end pro GPU delivers good performance for 3D and GPU rendering and, with an impressive multi-tasking capability, the power to do both at the same time